Top 5 reasons Obamacare is Good For the U.S.

Top 5 reasons Obamacare is good for the U.S

Different US citizens will have different opinions on Obamacare. There are those who are celebrating the law, while others will tend to have different views. When looking into the law deeply, you will realise there are some benefits that the US citizens will benefit from. Here are Top 5 reasons Obamacare is good for the U.S:

  1. Removing the limit on the total benefits a healthcare beneficially will receive

There are limitations on the total amount American will receive from health care insurance. For example in 2013, Americans where entitled to a maximum medical cover of up to $2,970 beyond which the health insurance cover will not settle the medical bills. In the Obamacare, the limit will be lifted by year 2020 making the health care beneficiaries enjoy full medical cover without limits.

  1. Free Medicare preventive services

Medicare consumers will receive free preventive services under the law. This is a great benefit which Americas will enjoy because diseases which can be prevented will be easily prevented making many Americans enjoy healthy living.

  1. Pre-existing conditions

There are some people who used to be denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, but after the introduction of the law. No one will be denied health insurance due to his or her pre-existing medical condition. This is a great benefit because it will lead different people to enjoying health insurance cover irrespective of their pre-existing health conditions. There is premium equity where all people will have to pay the same premiums for the health insurance. There will be no cases where insurance companies will have to impose high premium rates due to pre-existing health conditions or due to age limitations.

  1. No restrictions on children’s access to health insurance

Children under the age of 19 were not allowed to access health insurance, but after the introduction of the law. Many children will be allowed to access health insurance even if they are under the age of 19. This is a great relieve to guardians who used to pay for medical bills for children under the age of 19 who were suffering from different health complications.

  1. Adult dependent insurance coverage

Adult children who used to be denied health insurance cover under their parents cover will now enjoy the cover up to the age of 26. This is a great benefit to the US citizens who used to be denied the cover after reaching a certain age limit. Families with adult children will now save on the health care to a great extent.

What Is An Integrated Healthcare System?

What Is An Integrated Healthcare System?

What is an Integrated Healthcare system? This is a care that brings together different services related to health care. It involves management, organisation, inputs and delivery of services related to different levels of health care such as diagnosis, care, treatment, rehabilitation and promoting good health. Integration leads to improving the services in the health care industry. It improves different levels of health care industry such as access to medical facilities, user satisfaction and efficiency in health care sector. The system has many benefits associated with it. For example, it saves on cost as well as improving the quality of services. Here are some of the features of integrated health care system:

Increased communication

In the system there is increased communication in the professionals in the health sector. This makes it easy for professionals in the health sector to communicate with each other and know the right way to address different issues in the health of patients.


Coordinated care

It is very easy for professionals who use the system to coordinate and access useful data about a patient. For example, they will obtain lab results, allergies records, medications used before, life impacting events, education needs, wellness needs and other health care objectives which will lead to improving service delivery.



The system involves screening for substance abuse, cancer chronic diseases, depression screening and other issues. This leads the experts to discovering many factors that may be contributing to a certain illness that a patient is suffering from. This is very necessary because it enables experts find the best solution to a prevailing condition in a patient.


Disease self-management

After health professionals screen your body, they will know the right way to help you in managing your health condition. They can decide to offer you necessary information for you to manage your prevailing condition or any other medical assistance that will be required to manage your health condition. Different diseases will require different types of management services. The medical experts will incorporate the right methods to ensure you attain the best health conditions as per your condition.



There are different elements of heath. They include hereditary which cannot be modified and nutrition which you can easily modify. You can stay healthy after the experts guide you on how to stay stress free, make healthy food choices, get involved in exercises, and stop habits such as smoking that can affect your health. The approach will help people on how to cope with different situations for them to stay well as a way of eliminating chances of different illnesses.

How Small Businesses Afford Healthcare

How Small Businesses Afford Healthcare

Both big and small businesses are required by law to take healthcare insurance on behalf of their employees. There are different insurance companies that will be ready to offer the insurance cover to the small businesses. In case you own a small business, you should take your time and look for the best insurance company that will lead you to enjoying the best cover. This will require you to compare the premiums which you will be required to pay among other terms of the policy. Here are ways on how small businesses afford healthcare:


They set a budget

For the small businesses to afford the cover, they will first have to set a budget for the insurance. In case you run a small business, you should take into consideration the amount of profit you make or the capital that you have and set a budget which you will use to pay for the cover. This is necessary because failure to set aside the budget, you may end up dedicating all the funds to other activities while neglecting the insurance cover. This will easily lead you to court cases when one of your workers is injured.


Deciding on group health insurance or individual insurance

When running your small business, you should take different factors into consideration and decide on the best policy for you to take. After factor the nature of your small business, you can decide to take a group insurance cover or go for individual health cover. A group cover will work well in case your small business has a lot of workers whom you will like to insure. In case you have less workers, then taking individual cover on their behalf will lead you to saving money.


Working with a health insurance broker

Small businesses can decide to work with insurance brokers for them to easily locate the best insurance provider whom they can buy a policy from. Remember a broker has a lot of experience in dealing with different insurance companies hence he will be in a better position of advising you on the best insurance provider whom you can work with in case you will like to save your money while taking the insurance cover.


Implement the health insurance

The final stage that the small businesses will do is to educate their employees in the health insurance that they have taken on their behalf. This will avoid cases where the workers will assume they have no healthcare insurance and end up spending their own money while seeking treatments.

The Real Cost of the Uninsured

The Real Cost of the Uninsured

It always has been challenging for some people to find the money to pay for insurance against some unwanted future events like an illness or an accident, when they have insufficient income. So what do they do at times like that, cross their fingers and hope for the best, hope that nothing bed will happen to them. But before they do that there are couple of things that everyone should bear in mind and should know the real cost of being uninsured.

Let`s imagine the worst case scenario. If you were to die today, would your family be able to afford to pay your last expenses?. Let`s think in the long term now. What if you leave behind your children, will they be able to attend the college they always wanted to. If you chose the right life insurance you will provide your family even if you are not there with them anymore. There are different policies you can choose from. You can add to your plan an insurance which is increasing in value or in case you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, the insurance will cover all your expenses.

There is also a disability insurance which proves to be very helpful in cases when you are unable to go to work, whether it is from an illness or you are suffering from injuries that you got in an accident. With this kind of an insurance you will have a constant income which will help you cover all your expenses until you are able to go back to work again.

We all want to believe that we will live life to the fullest and live on our own terms, but the reality is a bit different. There are so many people who need some type of home care at some point in their life. You will definitely need money to pay the expenses for the care-giver or to pay for your staying in a given facility. You should not rely on your health insurance, since it pays only for your visit to the doctor and for hospital bills.

We all believe that long-term care is something that we do not need, or that is something that only old people need. But the truth is that anyone, no matter the age can suffer, for instance, from an accident and will need a long term care, and being uninsured is something you definitely do not need at this point.